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(Produced by Madeln Company) (2016)

Kunsthaus Graz


Xu Zhen is one of the most virtuosic of the leading figuress of a more recent generation of Chinese artists. His artistic strategies veer between an ironic critique of the system and an ‘art of conforming’ to global economic structures, the partial utilisation of conceptual art, and a craftsman's precision. His often theatrical and provocative sculptures, pictures, performances and videos comment on our short-lived, consumer-oriented society, and interrogate where our behaviour will lead us in the future.


This catalogue focuses on the works produced by Xu Zhen since 2009 in conjunction with his firm, MadeIn Company. It addresses his engagement with art as a product both in the accompanying essays and in the provocative design. The authors of the essays explore Xu Zhen’s complex artistic approach and his methods of adapting and inter-penetrating contemporary artistic strategies. They contextualise his profoundly performative oeuvre in light of the development of Chinese art since the 1990s.


With texts by Christopher Moore, Petra Poelzl, Philip Tinari, and an interview with Xu Zhen conducted by Katrin Bucher Trantow. Foreword by curators, Peter Pakesch and Katrin Bucher Trantow.


The catalogue is published on the occasion of the exhibition Corporate. Xu Zhen Produced by MadeIn Company.  

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