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To other Shores:
On techno-sinofuturism, AI artists bots and New Silk Roads


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To other Shores?

From what we know, the Moon was formed 4,5 billion years ago when an “embryo” of a planet impacted young Earth that was around 30 to 50 million years old at the time. The impact created a cloud of debris that re-condensed and formed the Moon. In that sense the Moon is not actually another world as it was created from our Earth. The Moon is our planet’s eighth continent.

Memories of the Moon Age, Lukas Feireiss, Spector Books


The earliest Science Fiction work in the Sinosphere is believed to be the unfinished novel Lunar Colony (yueqiu zhiminde xiaoshuo) written by the pseudonymous and never-identified Huangjiang Diaosuo, published in 1904. In the novel, the protagonists are exiles, who decide that the nations of the world are too corrupt and decide to establish a new colony on the moon. They tour the world in a hot-air Balloon, trying new inventions, encountering outlandish species and customs, and eventually reaching the Moon. Such imaginations about space explorations evolved since the beginning of human times and have created visions of the future and altered ways of perceptions. Especially nowadays, the borderlines between fantasy, science and visions often seem to merge into one another. Because more than ever, humans perceive themselves as being a part of the planetary universe and consciousness. 


TO OTHER SHORES: On techno-sinofuturism, AI artists bots and New Silk Roads imagines a world that is expanding into plural entities by the introduction of new technologies, always flirting with the idea that they might be overruling the world, as we know it. Seven chosen works of artists and filmmakers of Chinese descent delve into intergalactic fantasies, the illusion of the real, uterus superheroes, Sci-Fi entanglements, futuristic infrastructures, algorithms and networks on a planetary scale. 


Pauline Doutreluingne and Petra Poelzl 


Cheng Ran, Lawrence Lek, Lu Yang, Miao Ying, Solveig Suess, Yin-ju Chen and 

Wang NewOne


30.11.2019, 20H – 23H


ACUD Kino, Veteranenstrasse 21, 10119 Berlin


The screening program is part of KAPSEL – a series of events exploring visions of the future from China and beyond taking place at ACUD MACHT NEU in fall 2019.

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