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Exhibition Catalogue

Performing the Border:

Perspectives of Resistance (2017)

Edited by Jana J. Haeckel, Petra Poelzl, Christiane Krejs


© Clara Wildberger, Selamense, 2014-2016

The works presented in Performing the Border are not satisfied with  the obvious and evident; they focus their attention beyond to the outside.  In a present time, where large parts of the globe are marked by racism, isolation, restricted freedom of the press, and “post-factual” 
debates, the artists plot scenarios in which the dubious categories  of the “own” and the “foreign” can become tangible for the viewer.  They conceive the complex field of national, ethnic, social, digital, and  sexual identity as a realm for experiment. Thus, the concept of a border  becomes a metaphor, a construct, which is not static rather the  subject of agreements and negotiations. 


With texts by Nikita Daran, Julien Creuzet, Petra Poelzl, Jana J. Haeckel. 


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