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Dramaturge / Producer

An Atypical Brain Damage (2017)

Tianzhuo Chen


DIRECTOR Tianzhuo Chen

DRAMATURGY Petra Poelzl 

CHOREOGRAPHY Tianzhuo Chen, Ylva Falk 

TEXT Tianzhuo Chen, Beio  

PERFORMANCE Beio, China Yu, Le Brothers (Le Ngoc Thanh und Le Duc Hai), Ylva Falk, Igor Dewe und Amelie Poulain (House of Drama) 



COSTUMES Asian Dope Boys

STAGE DESIGN Tianzhuo Chen

LIGHT Stephan Taul

SOUND Akihiko Tanida 


PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS Christina Romirer, Diane Esnault, Stefan Simic

VENUES steirischer herbst (Dom im Berg), Spring Festival Utrecht (Stadsschouwburg), Kampnagel Hamburg (K6), Transform Festival Leeds (Canal Mills)

Chinese artist Tianzhuo Chen combines quotations from pop, folklore and commerce to create a global snapshot between kitsch and apocalypse. AN ATYPICAL BRAIN DAMAGE is a dark and, at the same time, upbeat pop opera in which instrumental live sounds mingle with pumping beats and big-city fashion arrogance meets the camouflage jackets of Chinese rice-growers. The material for this hybrid, ecstatic ghoulishness comes from global club culture and corporate identities, from folklore and social media, and, not least, from discourses on “the Asian” and “the European” in which the East dreams up a West and vice versa.

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